Hello, world!

I am a full stack developer from Montreal. Check out some of my personal projects below.




Learn country capitals

  • what score can you get? Play the quizz!!

node webapp backbone gulp


Find which node package you should install.

  • shows package stats about npm packages and related github repos (activities, stars, ...)
  • store your favorite packages for your next visit

node webapp github api npm backbone


A nodejs package to create firefox profile that can be used with selenium.

  • create firefox profiles
  • use, retrieve, alter existing profiles
  • add extensions to a profile
  • specify proxy settings
  • set user preferences...

nodejs selenium npm MIT


'real mock' webserver with dynamically configured routes (through node or restful-ish API).

  • create static or dynamic routes (text, json, function, templated responses...)
  • configure response headers globally or specifically (per routes)
  • captures requests for each call
  • facilitates frontend development when the backend development is not done

nodejs expressjs tests npm MIT


A Symfony Bundle to render Google Chart Tool, Google Chart Image API and Google Infographics.

symfony google chart packagist


A php library to fetch oembed data.

php oembed